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05 Oct, 2010

Reinforced tights for sporty girls

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Reinforced pantyhose styles are ones which have a thicker fabric layer acting as reinforcement at stretch points such as crotch area, heel, toes etc. A reinforced pantyhose could have nylon or cotton layers at these areas. Having cotton layers at the crotch area gives the comfort of a cotton undergarment. If you wish to invest […]

28 Sep, 2010

Tips for women’s smelly feet

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Wear socks and, if possible, shoes made of natural fibers. Synthetics might look better and last longer, but they don’t breathe the way cotton and leather do so they trap more moisture and bacteria. Change your socks more often, if necessary. Rotate your shoes, to allow them to dry completely before wearing them a second […]

08 Apr, 2010

I want you to have my used, sweet pantyhose!

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I’m a “girl next door” petite brunette college girl and I love the idea of someone enjoying my worn pantyhose! I wear all sorts (thongs, bootie, etc) ranging between cute, sexy, cotton, lace, silk, in any color, and any style! If the idea of meeting with a sexy girl and buying a pair of my […]

16 Mar, 2010

Pantyhose (and more) for sale

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Selling my worn pantyhose and other items for your enjoyment. Can be prepared in any way you like, don’t be shy to ask. I will meet in person outside of my apartment building and give you the item(s). Absolutely not willing to offer anything more nor allow you in my home. I am 23 years […]

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